Free Parrot SVG Files

The Parrot SVG belongs to the bird class, parrot group, parrot family (lat. Psittacidae). Parrots were brought to Russia at the end of the 15th century.

Parrot SVG – description, description, appearance.

A characteristic feature of the parrot is its bright color: blue, red or green, many have long stalks and tails. Most species of these birds fly well and climb trees. The parrot’s feet have four fingers each, pointing forward and backward in pairs. Poorly flying species are often greenish in color, allowing them to hide in shrubs or herbaceous thickets. The parrot’s powerful and spicy hook-shaped mobile beak not only allows you to shred the extracted food, but also serves as a bird’s defense, and during the journey through the branches of the trees serves as an additional support – a “third paw”.

The weight of parrots ranges from tens of grams to kilograms. Females usually have fewer males. How long do parrots live? In natural conditions, the age of some parrots reaches 50 years, and when kept in captivity rarely exceeds 35. Parrots have a squeaky, loud voice, but their ability to imitate sounds and well-developed memory allows them to copy the voices of other birds, animals and even humans.

Where do parrots live?

These motley, twittering birds live in tropical and subtropical environments. More than half of all species live in Australia, almost a third of them in South and Central America, and a small proportion live in Africa and South Asia. These birds do not live naturally in the CIS countries. Parrots SVG usually live in forests, but can also be found in steppe or mountainous conditions. Abandoned termites, hollows or burrows are chosen as dwellings. They lead a collective way of life.