Free Paradise SVG Files

Paradise SVG – in religion and philosophy: the place and/or state of eternal perfect life (being).

It implies two concepts:

1. Initial Paradise SVG – the primordial state of man in Eden, lost as a result of sinful fall;

2. Paradise SVG is an eschatological state achieved by overcoming the division into paradise and paradise at the end of time.

Paradise SVG is a reality that the faithful will enter into in the future, but at the same time it is a reality that is already present in the life of a Christian, and we should look at what it is.

In the usual language, paradise is associated with pleasure – “paradise delight”, as it was said in the advertisement of some chocolate bar. In paradise there will be pleasures – and healthy, natural pleasures of our world – good food, warmth of the hearth, wind in the hair – can point to Paradise SVG.

But that is not the main thing. People, alas, can enjoy pride and cruelty, and it certainly has nothing to do with paradise. Sometimes paradise is associated with a very beautiful area – as sometimes they say “paradise” or “paradise nature”. This is justified – and one of the biblical images of paradise is the image of a garden. But that is not the main thing. Paradise is a society, a family, a city; it is the Lord and His saints. Paradise is a reality in which the painful fragmentation of the fallen world is healed, and perfect harmony reigns between God and man, man and man, man and the world.

Here we belong to a fallen and torn world in which man is a wolf man, and the greatest threat to anyone is his neighbor. A world where even between members of the same family there is often no harmony, where people desperately seek love – and do not find it. Paradise is a place of absolute love, the timid reflections of which can sometimes be seen in a happy family or monastic community.