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Panthers SVG – the family of large animals in the family of cats, consists of four currently known species: tiger (Latin Panthera tigris), lion (Latin Panthera leo), leopard (Latin Panthera pardus) and jaguar (Latin Panthera onca), as well as a number of fossil taxa.

Panthers SVG Evolution

Regarding the taxonomy of the kind of Panther SVG there was a lot of controversy, and its classification was revised several times. The genus probably originated from an extinct cat Panthera schaubi (Viretailurus schaubi), which is sometimes also considered as an early representative of the genus Pum. The panther genus probably originated in Asia. The separation of large cats (including the existing panther, iris and smoky leopard – Neofelis) from the subfamily of small cats (Felinae) (containing all other modern cat species) took place between six and ten million years ago. Research on fossil remains shows that the panther genus ranged from 2 to 3.8 million years ago, and DNA research showed that it was no less than 16 million years ago.

Morphological and genetic studies suggest that the tiger was the first of its kind to deviate from the main line. The snow leopard was previously the base of the genus panther, but recent molecular research suggests that it should be placed within the genus, perhaps even close to the leopard. Therefore, many classification systems classify the snow leopard as a panther species, but there is no consensus on its placement (called Panthera uncia) or on the preservation of its own Uncia species. Analysis of genomes has shown that the ancestors of irises separated from the ancestors of tigers of 1.67 million liters. (95% confidence interval: 1.48-1.83 million n.a.).

Also included in the genus is a prehistoric animal of the cat family, probably closely associated with the modern jaguar, Panthera gombaszogensis, which is often referred to as the European jaguar. This species appeared about 1.6 million years ago on the territory of modern Italy.

The genus of smoky leopards (Neofelis) is closely related to the genus of the panther, but is not part of it.