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It is represented mostly by woody plants with unbranched trunks (except dum palm), in which the primary thickening (that is, thickening due to the activity of the protoderm and the main meristem) takes place. There are also a number of species that are characterized by thin creeping or climbing shoots (e.g., representatives of the genus Calamus). The family includes 185 genera and about 3400 species.

Palm SVG Distribution

The natural distribution of most palm trees is tropical and subtropical. There are especially many palm species in Madagascar and Colombia. In Europe, Spain and southern France, the Chamaerops humilis fan palm groves can withstand temperatures as low as -12 degrees Celsius, as well as the Phoenix theophrastii (Cretan pinnacle palm groves) in southern mainland Greece and Crete.

On the territory of the former USSR, in areas with subtropical climate – on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and the southern coast of Crimea, as well as in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and southern Kazakhstan, there are introduced palms of Chamaerops, Phoenix, Sabal, Trachycarpus, Washingtonia and some others.

Palm SVG Biological description

The trunk usually does not branch (except for a sort of dum-palm), quite often palm trees have a shape of bushes, some representatives of some of the stems do not have any at all, above the surface of the earth rise only leaves. Thickness reaches 1 meter (yube), height up to 50-60 m (ceroxylon), while among the palm trees there are climbing vines with stems 2-3 cm thick and up to 300 m long (rattan). Leaves are either pinnate (coconut palm, date palm, “fox tail” palm, coway, chamedorrhea, etc., bipartite leaves in cariot), or fan leaves (hamerops, trachykarpus, Libyanston palm, etc.).

Palm SVG Usage

Palms are widely cultivated as agricultural crops (date palms, coconut palms). Many types of palm trees and wood are used; rattan and some other palm trees are used to make wicker furniture.

Palm leaves are traditionally used to make roofs of some Asian buildings and pergolas, beach “fungi”, headdresses, etc.

In addition, various types of palms are widely used as ornamental plants (including in indoor gardening).

In many cultures, palm trees were symbols of victory and peace.