Free Owl SVG Files

Owl SVG is a raptor bird of prey and belongs to a group of compositional birds (Latin Strigiformes or Striges), in which two families are distinguished:

owls or real owls (these include Ural owls, eagles, eagles, eared owls and slutty spots)

sipookhas (these include the sipookhas and the masked sipookhas)

Owl SVG description

Owl SVG is a ravenous night bird.  Depending on the place of residence, it may have different coloring of the plumage, masking the owl as the surrounding area. The head of the owl is round with big eyes, the claws are long and sharp, and the beak is predatory and short.

Different species of owls have different sizes. The smallest owl is the pygmy owl. Its size is only 17-20 cm, and its weight is 50-80 g. The largest of the companion owls is the owl. Its length is 60-70 cm, and weight from 2 to 4 kg.

Life expectancy of owls in nature is about 10 years, in captivity these birds live up to 40 years. The very short life of owls in the natural environment is often explained by hunger and hunting for owls of other birds of prey, such as hawks and golden eagles.

Owl SVG paws are very strong and gripy, many species have operatic paws. Owl claws are sharp and curved, they help her to grab the victim quickly and hold her. Owl flight is almost silent, thanks to the special structure of feathers. The first external feathers are serrated and serrated. The third and fourth feather is longer than the others. The tail is rounded and cut off, and the steering feathers are bent. Owl’s wingspan is about 142-200 centimeters. These birds fly very fast: the speed of the owl in flight reaches 80 km/h.

The bird emits a characteristic clicking when irritated or excited. It turns out it has it thanks to the beak. The beak of an owl is curved from the beginning to the very base, ends with a hook, the edges are flat and without cuts.

Cowboys can turn their heads 180 degrees or even 270 degrees, without causing themselves any inconvenience or harm. The owl bird is a predator, and it needs to track down prey, so the eyes are not on the sides, but in front.

Owl’s eyes are still and look only straight ahead. To change the direction of the eye, the bird has to turn its head. The owl’s angle of view is 160 degrees and its vision is binocular in contrast to other birds. Owl SVG see the world in black and white. The crystalline lens is not in the eyeball, but in the horn tube, so the birds can see perfectly at night.

Owl hearing is 4 times better than that of a cat. As soon as the prey gives off its rustle or sound, the bird rushes at it in a flash.