Free Ostrich SVG Files

African Ostrich SVG (lat. Struthio camelus) – the largest bird in the world and the only representative of the ostrich, ostrich family, genus ostriches. It belongs to the bird class, the subclass is kile-free.

Ostrich SVG – description, structure, characteristics

African ostrich is a unique bird that cannot fly, has no keel and has only two toes, which is also an exception in the class of birds.

Being the largest birds on the planet, the large African ostriches boast a height of 2.7 meters and an impressive weight of 156 kg. However, the average weight of an ostrich is about 50 kg, with males slightly larger than females.

The ostrich’s skeleton is not pneumatic, except for the femur. The endings of pubic bones merged and formed a closed pelvis, which is also unusual for other birds.

African Ostriches SVG are characterized by a dense fold, a very elongated neck and a small head of flattened shape, ending in a flat, wide, flat beak, on which is located a soft nodule of horn tissue. The ostrich has big eyes, and the upper eyelid is dotted with long, fluffy eyelashes.

Breast growth, or keel, is typical for the representatives of the class of birds, ostriches are completely absent, and the sternum itself is poorly developed. On its surface there is a bare area of thick skin – a special breast callus, which serves as a support when the bird lies on the ground.

The bird’s front extremities are represented by underdeveloped wings, each with two fingers ending in sharp claws. Ostrich’s hind legs are long, strong and muscular, with two fingers, and only one of them has a kind of hoof at the end, which serves as a support during the run.