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Bioproducts (also Organic SVG products) – products of agriculture and food industry manufactured without the use (or with less use) of synthetic pesticides, synthetic mineral fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives, as well as without the use of genetically modified products (GMO). The introduction of “organic production” leads to lower yields, longer production times and higher prices.

In the processing and production of finished products, refining, mineralization and other methods that reduce the nutritional properties of the product, as well as the addition of artificial flavors and dyes (except those defined in the relevant standards) are prohibited.

According to a meta-analysis of 12 scientific studies conducted in 2009, there is no evidence of a beneficial effect of organic food on health, nor is there evidence that there is a difference in nutritional value between organic food and food produced by traditional methods.

Organic SVG yields are generally lower than intensive; the shift to organic production is not recommended for developing countries; and continued population growth requires the abandonment of organic farming ideologies and the use of more pragmatic methods.

Organic SVG Distribution of bio-products

Manufacturers aggressively position organic food as a healthy diet as having improved taste characteristics, preserving the natural environment during production, produced from species-compatible animals, in the absence of genetically modified organisms, ionizing radiation, chemically-synthetic substances, supporting social nutrition systems (support of local producers, formation of consumer communities, etc.). At the same time, products are sold for about 10-50% more expensive.

According to the results of 2009, the capacity of the global organic food market exceeded $59 billion, and its average growth rate is about 10-15%.

Relatively large amount of land is allocated for organic agriculture in the world.

At the moment, the world has formed full-fledged markets for organic products in the segments of vegetables and fruits, milk and dairy products, baby food, agricultural raw materials for processing (primarily grain crops).

According to the latest USDA data, Organic SVG products of all kinds account for about 4% of the total US food market. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products and beverages account for the majority of sales.