Free Oregon SVG Files

Oregon SVG, or “beaver state,” is one of the largest Pacific states in the United States, located in the northwest and bordering Washington, Idaho in the north and east, Nevada and California in the south. The state capital, Salem, was formerly an Indian settlement, and the largest city, Portland, is known for its title of America’s greenest city and its stars: the master of postmodern satire, Chuck Palanick, the legendary fantasy genre Ursula Le Guin, and “father” of the animated series “Simpsons” Matt Graining. State University is located in Eugene.

Every July, the Willamette Valley hosts the Pinot Noir International Festival. This is the oldest event in the world of American winemaking of this level.

Oregon Square is the 9th place among its brothers in the union (255 thousand square kilometers). Such a vast area includes a variety of natural regions, which adds attractiveness to the state in the eyes of tourists. In addition to mountainous areas, oceanic coastline and picturesque river valleys, there are even desert salt marshes.

In addition, Oregon SVG is a successful rival of the California Napa Valley in the sophistication and variety of wine products. An unforgettable experience can be gained from a wine tour through the Willamette Valley. For more than 80 years, the state tourism industry has been developing, so the level of service and variety of entertainment offered to the guests of the state will satisfy even the most demanding taste.