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Orchid SVG is a plant of flower department, of monocotyledon class, of asparagus flower order, of orchid family (lat. Orchidaceae). Orchids are one of the most species-rich families of the plant world.

The orchid plant got its name in ancient Greece thanks to the philosopher Theophrastus, a student of Plato. As a result of scientific research, the scientist came across an unfamiliar flower with roots in the form of a paired bulb and gave it the name “orchis”, which means “egg” in Greek.

Orchid SVG (flower): description

Orchid SVG flowers are one of the most abundant plant families, the main part of which in the nature is represented by perennial grasses. Shrubby and woody lianas are less common. The size of orchids can vary from a few centimetres, although some species grow to 35 metres in height.

Most of the orchids are epiphytes that grow on other plants, using them as a support and not being parasites. Orchid SVG epiphyte flowers are not dependent on the soil, receive more light and suffer less from herbivorous animals.

The roots of orchids and epiphytes are extremely important organs because they perform many essential functions.

Firstly, with their help orchids are attached to the substrate, which allows them to maintain their vertical position. Secondly, the roots are actively involved in photosynthesis, sharing this function with the leaves. Third, the orchid flowers absorb moisture and nutrients from the air and bark of the plants on which they live using the root system.

Another, smaller part of orchids is lithophytes growing on rock and rocky rocks. Terrestrial orchids constitute the average group in size.

Both types are endowed with underground rhizomes or tubers.

The green orchid stem can be long or short, creeping or upright. Leaves are simple, alternate, and each plant may have one or more leaves.

Orchid SVG flowers of various colors and sizes form two kinds of inflorescences: a simple ear with a single flower arrangement or a simple brush with several flowers on pedicels growing along the stem.

An orchid flower is an insect pollinated plant, and the mechanisms of pollination of each species are sometimes unusual and very diverse. Bottom-orchids with a shoe-shaped flower structure are endowed with a special trap for insect pollinators.

Yatryshniki have sticky legs, flowers of this orchid imitate the smell of female bees, thereby attracting males.

Flowers of tropical orchids stupefy insects with an unusual aroma, other species shoot pollen in the direction of the insect pollinator.

The orchid fruit is a dry box containing up to 4 million microscopic seeds, which is a record-breaking productivity among flowering plants.

Life expectancy of orchids in natural conditions is individual, depends on many factors and under favorable conditions can be 100 years. In greenhouse conditions, many orchid species survive up to 70 years.