Free Office SVG Files

Office SVG – a working room designed for written classes and intellectual work. Also, the room is equipped for special classes, professional work (for example: the office of the headmaster, school Office SVG, language laboratory, medical room). Also, the storage room, hall or gallery is usually small in size, in which a part of a collection is exhibited (for example, small offices of the Louvre).

Office SVG and Working room

The office as a secluded room of a city house or palace appeared in Europe of the New Age. It served as a paperwork or restroom for the landlord, could also be used as an office or living room. The study was furnished with bookcases, works of art and was usually located next to the bedroom. Heating a hall in winter, a large room in a palace or mansion was not easy, and smaller rooms were more comfortable. The office also provided an opportunity to get away from family members, visitors and servants. Typical was the use of a single family member’s office. Thus, there could be two offices in the house (for the owner and the hostess) and even more.

Nowadays the office has preserved aspects of a room in a rich house, a room for personal rest. Defining one of the rooms of a house as a study can be seen as a matter of prestige, and the design of the study can traditionally include trinkets, collections and a sofa to relax. However, the main function of the office in the house is the workroom for intellectual pursuits. To do this, the home office must be equipped with a desk with a light source and a chair. Often the cabinet furniture includes a secretary and bookcases for your personal library.

Executive Office SVG

As a rule, the office of a manager is a room created specifically for making responsible decisions. Offices are thought over to the smallest details, because the place of the head should be as comfortable and convenient as possible, as well as contribute to strengthening the image of the company among colleagues and competitors.

Psychology room

This is the name of the improved version of the recreation room, where optimal conditions have been created to quickly and effectively relieve emotional stress, restore working capacity, and conduct psychotherapeutic and psycho-hygienic activities.