Free Oak SVG Files

Oak SVG is a species of bushes and trees from the beech family. Oak is widely known for its power and strength, the height of oak can be 50 meters. These trees grow rather slowly, adding centimetres to the height every year, and only then to the width.

How long does the Oak SVG live?

An oak tree is considered to be a long-living tree, often associated with wisdom and longevity. And not in vain. Life expectancy of oak is up to 5 centuries, although there are specimens in history that live more than 1000 years.

Description of Oak SVG. How does oak look like?

Oak SVG is a deciduous tree. The size of the oak is impressive. The average height of the oak is about 35 meters, although sometimes there are also 60 meter giants. The thickness of the oak can also be quite impressive. The oak trunk is on average about 1.5 m in diameter, covered with dark bark, covered with cracks, winding and wrinkled.

The shape of the tree leaf depends on the type of oak. Leaves of oak can be vane, serrated, pinnate and others. Branches of an oak indirect, bent. This tortuosity is explained by the fact that the oak tree is very responsive to sunlight. Shoots in the growth stretch to the light and therefore change direction depending on the period of the year, weather and time of day.

The oak root system is very well developed. Usually the roots of oak are huge and go deep into the ground. The oak crown and its shape depend on the conditions in which the trees grow. In the forests, oak trees are mostly straight and even, but separately growing plants on the plains are very much distributed in width. The crowns of such oaks in the girth are measured in meters. If a tree has grown up in extreme conditions, such as lack of moisture or under the frequent influence of wind, the crowns of such oaks are deformed and not quite clear and correct in shape.

Oak SVG flowers.