Free Nurse SVG Files

Nurse SVG – A specialist with a specialized secondary medical education in nursing. A nurse is a nurse who is a nurse practitioner and an associate practitioner (as specified in the nurse’s diploma) to a medical practitioner.

Primary medical education is provided to nurses and nurses who have completed a special course or completed an incomplete secondary medical education. They’re junior medical staff.

The Nurse SVG acts as a physician’s assistant in medical institutions, performs medical prescriptions and performs the nursing process.

Nurses are divided by job profile:

Chief Nurse is a specialist with higher medical education who graduated from the faculty of higher nursing education (management) at a medical university. It deals with the rational organization of work, professional development of nursing and nursing staff of the hospital and supervises their work.

Senior Nurse SVG – assists the head of the hospital (polyclinic) department in administrative and economic matters, organizes and supervises the work of ward nurses and nurses.

A ward (post) nurse – performs medical prescriptions to patients in the assigned wards, monitors the condition of patients, cares for them and organizes their nutrition.

Procedural nurse – performs medical prescriptions (intravenous injections and infusions), assists with manipulations, which only the doctor is entitled to perform, takes blood from the vein for examination.

Surgical nurse – helps the surgeon with surgical interventions, prepares for surgery surgical instruments, sutures and dressings, underwear.

Anesthetist-nurse – works in conjunction with an anesthesiologist-resuscitator in the intensive care unit or in the operating room (preparation of anesthesia and respiratory equipment, administration of anesthesiological drugs)

District Nurse SVG – helps the district doctor to receive patients living in the assigned area, performs the prescribed therapeutic procedures at home and participates in preventive measures.

The Dietary Nurse, under the direction of a nutritionist, is responsible for the organization and quality of therapeutic nutrition, preparing the menu, supervising cooking and food distribution, as well as the sanitary condition of the kitchen and canteen for the sick.

Nurses working on patients with doctors with narrow specialties (ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologist, neurologist, etc.).

A nurse for civil defence is a specialist with a higher non-medical education who has received this qualification in a higher education institution along with the basic qualification and who is part of the reserve personnel of nursing staff (if there is a higher pedagogical education, she may also teach the basics of medical knowledge in secondary education institutions).