Free North Dakota SVG Files

North Dakota SVG is a state where buffalo and buffalo still roam, located in the north of the central part of the USA. The word “dakota” reminds us of the Native Americans, the first settlers, and the Wild West, a violent and romantic one. And for a reason – the word Indian, translated from the language of the Sioux tribe, who lived in this area before the arrival of the Europeans, means “friend”. So the unofficial name of North Dakota SVG is “Sioux Indian State”. However, there is another nickname – “State of the earth squirrel” (not to be confused with a marmot, which looped the life of Bill Murray – he lived in Pennsylvania).

North Dakota SVG is hardly a tourist state. However, there’s plenty to see and do here.

North Dakota is home to about 680,000 people (most of whom come from Germany and Norway) on 183,000 square kilometers. That is, the population density is just over 3 people per square kilometer – which is not very dense, the state is sparsely populated.

The capital is Bismarck, with more people living in Fargo than in the capital. Two other major cities in North Dakota are Grand Forks and Mainot.