Free North Carolina SVG Files

North Carolina SVG is the birthplace of the Cherokee country, blues and Indians, now a rather conservative and prosperous state in the northern part of the so-called South Atlantic states. It borders on the state of Virginia in the north and Tennessee in the west, washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The capital of North Carolina SVG is the “oak” city of Raleigh, known for its dense and picturesque oaks, the word “Raleigh” comes from the English court adventurer Walter Raleigh, the favorite of Queen Elizabeth (if you are interested in their complex relationship, watch the film “Golden Age”, where the role of the aforementioned Sir Raleigh was performed by Clive Owen).

The word “Caroline” appeared in the 17th century – King Charles II named the state (later divided into two parts – South and North) in honor of his unhappy father, King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland, overthrown and executed during the British revolution, the same one who was unsuccessfully tried to save the musketeers in the novel by Dumas “20 years later”.

North Carolina SVG also has an official nickname – “The State of Tarsars”, literally – Tar Heel State, “the state of tar heels”.

According to the legend, the nickname should remind of bare feet of the workers who cooked tar, whose bare heels were covered with black resin all year round. However, this name is mostly used only in guides for foreigners, and the inhabitants of North Carolina hardly identify themselves with tarantulas, so that the practical use of this entertaining fact is not much.

The capital is Raleigh.

The major cities are Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Saleem, Fayetteville, Wilmington.