Free New York SVG Files

Going to New York SVG, don’t expect to scout on the spot why it’s called the “Big Apple” – even New Yorkers themselves won’t be able to answer that question. Versions, as always happens in such cases, a lot – one more ridiculous than the other. Prepare yourself for the fact that in one of the brightest cities of the United States of America you will be easily talked to on the streets, anticipating almost any conversation sacramental “Where are you from?”, that every square or intersection will seem familiar (because in some movie you have seen them exactly already), that to stay alone or at least be in a relatively uninhabited place in the buzzing beehive of a megalopolis will not work. But even if you read a thousand reviews and write a lot of valuable advice on the pages, you will still not be able to prepare for a meeting with New York – ultradynamic, constantly in motion, the city is stunned and carries away with it, plunging into the abyss of colorful multicolor and multi-faceted emotions. In short, welcome to New York SVG, baby!

The city of New York SVG consists of 5 districts, each of which has its own rhythm of life, soul and unique character.

Manhattan is the most famous district of New York and a calling card of all America. Here are concentrated skyscrapers, offices of international corporations, boutiques and expensive restaurants, as well as the most prestigious apartments. Manhattan, in turn, is divided into 3 “sub-districts”: Downtown, Middletown and Aptown. Local attractions include Broadway, Wall Street with Federal Hall and New York Stock Exchange, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, Iron and Empire State Building skyscrapers and Times Square.

By “the city,” New Yorkers usually mean only Manhattan. Other areas of New York City are called “the outer boroughs.

Brooklyn is one of New York’s southern neighborhoods and can be reached on foot from Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge. Most of the city’s population lives here, but there are almost no high-rise buildings: the area has grown in width. Brooklyn is known as a settlement of artists and other creative New Yorkers, as well as its concert halls and beaches. It is within Brooklyn that you’ll find the Coney Island amusement park and the “autumn york” beach of Brighton Beach (which is also the largest Russian community outside the former Soviet Union).

If the U.S. is commonly referred to as the melting pot of the world, then the Queens neighborhood east of Manhattan is definitely the melting pot of New York City. There are 170 languages spoken here, the streets are dotted with the most incredible signs, and the abundance of races and nationalities would have made old man Noah jealous. Queens has two international airports in New York City, the second-largest Chinatown, and a separate movie theater, which plays exclusively Bollywood movies. Once in Queens, visit the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, visit the Steinway grand piano factory, walk through the Socrates Sculpture Park and see the exhibits at the Museum of African Art.

Associated with black rappers in baseball caps and thick gold chains, the Bronx is Manhattan’s northern neighbor. Despite the presence of slums with the poorest people in New York City, the Bronx is the city’s greenest neighborhood, with a quarter of its territory covered by parks and gardens. The Bronx Zoo and Yankee Baseball Stadium are the pearls of the local tour. You should also visit the Botanical Garden, which consists of 48 (!) separate themed gardens, visit the Edgar Allan Poe House Museum and the Shipbuilding Museum and pay tribute to Duke Ellington at Woodlon Cemetery.

Staten Island is the southernmost area of New York SVG, which can be reached by ferry or bridge. It is very green, relatively quiet and a huge number of immigrants from almost all over the world. On Staten Island, you should visit Port Richmond, the beating heart of Latin American culture, walk through the picturesque Park Hill and visit the exhibition at the Snag Harbor Cultural Center.

Despite the fact that New York has given way to the “honorary” title of the criminal capital of the United States to the long-suffering Detroit and today is considered to be one of the most safe in terms of security of the country’s megacities, of course, one should not relax here. The safest neighborhood is Manhattan, with its elite housing and high concentration of police per square meter. Even here, it is advisable not to leave things unattended, but to keep valuables and documents in the hotel’s safe. You shouldn’t walk around Harlem in the dark. The main problems that tourists may face are theft of handbags and wallets. There are areas in the city that you shouldn’t go to alone or in small groups, especially darkness, such as Bedford-Stuyvesant and East New York in Brooklyn, the South Bronx, Hunts Point and Motts Haven (all in the Bronx), and Jamaica in Queens.

It is worth reminding that smoking is prohibited in public places in New York City, and this applies not only to restaurants, cafes and bars, but also to parks. The violation is punishable by a substantial fine.