Free Nevada SVG Files

Nevada SVG is one of the driest states in the United States, located between California and Utah. Most of the tourists who want to play gambling, watch various shows and treat themselves to local cuisine, visit only Reno, Tahoe and, of course, Las Vegas, but if desired, a trip to this state can be more exciting than any other Western – in addition, the nature of Nevada also deserves attention, because you will not find anything like this in other parts of North America, in Europe or in Asia.

The official language in Nevada SVG is of course English, but many locals also speak Spanish. Although they don’t speak it, they show contempt for illegals because they don’t learn English.

The nature of the state of Nevada SVG

Nevada SVG is part of the U.S. Highlands region and borders the states of Oregon and Idaho in the north; Utah in the east; Arizona in the southeast; and California in the west and southwest.

Nevada has an area of 286,367 km2 (7th place among the US states).

Most of Nevada is located in the area of the Intermountain Plateau, namely within the Great Basin, the largest inland region of the United States. In the northern part of Nevada there are many mountain ranges, the highest mountain in Nevada, Bondery Peak, rises above sea level by 4007 meters.

The southern part of the state, where the largest city of Nevada, Las Vegas, is located, is located in the Mojave Desert.

There are several rivers running through the state, most of which are relatively small and have no access to the oceans (such as the Humboldt River, which flows into the lake of the same name). Several rivers in the north of the state belong to the Pacific Ocean basin (tributaries of the Columbia River).

The Colorado River borders the states of Nevada and Arizona. There is also the famous Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, formed by a dam.

On the border between Nevada SVG and California there is the largest and most picturesque mountain lake in the USA – Tahoe.