Free Nap SVG Files

Nap SVG is a short period of sleep, usually in daylight. Sleep is interrupted before one falls into a deep sleep. Especially seniors and young children sleep during the day. In countries with hotter climates, it is not uncommon for people to nap after lunch (siesta), before they start working again.

The brain completely changes its behavior and goals, darkening the consciousness. For a while we are practically paralyzed. However, from time to time our eyes rush behind closed eyelids, as if we see something, and tiny middle ear muscles, even in silence, tense as if we hear something. We all, men and women alike, are sexually aroused, and repeatedly. Sometimes it seems that we fly. We are approaching the boundaries of death… We sleep.

About 350 B.C. Aristotle, reflecting on what is happening in his sleep and why, wrote a treatise “On Dream and Wake Up”. For the next 2300 years, the questions of the Greek philosopher remained unanswered until in 1924 the German psychiatrist Hans Berger invented the electroencephalograph, a device that records the electrical activity of the brain. And then the study of sleep has passed to the sphere of natural sciences. But only in recent decades did tomography allow us to take a closer look at the processes taking place in the sleeping brain, and we came closer to giving an answer to Aristotle.