Free Nana SVG Files

Nana SVG is a profession whose duty is to take care of other people’s children, because of the high degree of responsibility, the person carrying out this activity must have medical and/or pedagogical education, ability to get along with children, good mental health.

The word Nanny may have the following meanings:

– A woman who takes care of children.

– A woman to take care of the sick in hospitals.

A babysitting profession is a profession that requires education, specific knowledge, and practical skills to work with children in a vocation.

Modern nannies are invited to visit children from one month of age. They can come for just a few hours a week or sit with the child every day while the parents are at work. Sometimes nannies go to their summer cottages to live there with their wards or accompany their families and children abroad.

The selection criteria can be quite different, as the parents’ requirements are different. Some parents would like to see a nanny with a higher education in pedagogy or medicine. Nurses and kindergarten teachers are also welcome. Such candidates are considered in the first place. Others want education to be higher, but not necessarily medical or pedagogical. But everyone has one thing in common – a person should be a soul and have a vocation for their profession.

Nana SVG must have a medical booklet confirming that she can work with children due to her health condition, as well as letters of recommendation. Distrust and checks on the part of the child’s parents are quite natural, and they need to be ready.

The nanny feeds, washes and dresses the child, walks and plays with him, reads him books. Under the terms of the contract, her duties may also include cleaning the premises, preparing meals for the child, and purchasing foodstuffs. The nurse’s main task is to ensure the child’s comfort and safety, and if necessary, she should be able to provide first aid.