Free Mustangs SVG Files

Mustangs SVG grow low – up to 1.5 meters. Unlike other horse breeds, the Mustangs are some of the fastest horses. Their short necks and long legs make it easy for these horses to develop fast speeds.

The suits can be very diverse – from redheads to footwear.

Today, the Mustangs SVG are an endangered species of horses. The authorities of North American countries protect them by law.

Mustangs appeared in North America more than 5 centuries ago. They were brought to this continent by Spanish or Portuguese colonists in the early 16th century.

Initially, the Mustangs SVG were domestic and served for ploughing fields and other agricultural works.

Gradually, horses began to move away from humans – to flee to the wild. Some masters released the weakest Mustangs themselves – those who could not work anymore.

Most of the alpha males are not young. Their age, as a rule, exceeds 6-7 years.

If a herd is attacked by predators, stallions form a ring inside which small foals and old females are hidden.

Each year, battles take place between males. That’s how they choose the main leader. The defeated alpha male usually leaves his relatives and lives alone or gathers a new herd.

The male also has a helper, the main mare. In emergency cases (e.g. when there are fights between males) she is obliged to take the herd to a safe place.