Free Mountain SVG Files

Mountain SVG is a form of relief, isolated sharp rise of terrain with pronounced slopes and a foot or top in a mountainous country.

According to the character of the peaks are peak-shaped, dome-shaped, plateau-shaped and other mountains. The tops of seamounts can be islands.

By origin they speak about tecton-denudation mountains and volcanic ones.

Elements of Mountain SVG

In the mountains, especially high ones, there are a large number of micro-relief species (small forms of relief, not exceeding several meters in cross-section and height), which are not typical for flat areas of the earth’s surface.

Mountain micro-relief elements include:

  • peaks
  • foothills
  • slopes
  • passes
  • valleys
  • ridges
  • glaciers
  • moraines
  • and others.

In the highlands, many micro-relief elements (e.g. moraines) are of glacial origin and therefore do not occur in the middle mountains and flatlands, where too much time has elapsed since the existence of glaciers.

Mountain SVG heights

Depending on the relative and absolute height of the mountain, it is common to divide it by:

high, relative height over 2 km, absolute – over 3 km;

average, relative height of 0.8-2 km, absolute – 1-3 km;

low, relative height of 500-800 m, absolute – up to 1000 m.