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Motivation SVG (from Latin movere) – motivation to action; psychophysiological process that controls the behavior of a person, setting his focus, organization, activity and stability; the ability of a person to actively meet his needs.

Motive SVG

Motive (lat. moveo – “move”) – is a generalized image (vision) of material or ideal objects of value for the person, which determines the direction of his activities, the achievement of which is the meaning of the activity. The motif is presented to the subject in the form of specific experiences characterized by either positive emotions from waiting for the achievement of these objects, or negative emotions caused by the incompleteness of the present position. To realize the motive, one needs an internal work. For the first time the term “motivation” was used in his article by A. Schopenhauer.

Today this term is understood by different scientists in their own way. For example, motivation according to V.K. Vilunas is an aggregate system of processes responsible for motivation and activity. And K. K. Platonov believes that Motivation SVG as a mental phenomenon is a set of motives.

Motive is one of the key concepts of psychological theory of activity developed by leading Soviet psychologists A. N. Leontief and S. L. Rubinstein. The simplest definition of motive in this theory is: “Motive is an identified need. Motive is often confused with the need and purpose, but the need is, in fact, an unconscious desire to eliminate discomfort, and the goal is the result of conscious goal-setting, choice of an object (object) that meets the requirements of the motive. For example: thirst is a need, desire to quench thirst is a goal, and a bottle of water, which a person reaches for, is a motive. It is also possible to understand thirst as a feeling, feeling (thirst), and need as the need to have a certain amount of water in the body, then the purpose of behavior is to quench thirst, that is to optimize the amount of water in the body (but not the bottle of water). In this context, “the motive is a resource (water), the desire to obtain or preserve which determines the behavior of the subject.