Free Mosquito SVG Files

Mosquito SVG is an insect of small size, reaches a length of about 3 millimeters, belongs to the family of longwoofed insects.

Mosquito SVG description.

Mosquitoes have a very small body and long legs and wings. Their peculiarity is the presence of an elongated nose, which they stick into human skin, sucking blood. Color of mosquitoes varies from white to black. The small body is covered with short hairs. The maximum speed that a mosquito can develop is 1 meter per second. The process of flying and biting is completely silent. When the Mosquito SVG is at rest, its wings do not fold like other insects, but are located at a certain angle to the body. The period of activity of mosquitoes comes in the evening and at night. During the day, insects hide from rather high temperatures in cool and humid places: these can be forests, diverse vegetation near water bodies, damp soil.

Types of mosquitoes, habitats of mosquitoes.

There are about 700 species of mosquitoes in total. They vary depending on the habitat. Most mosquitoes prefer tropical or subtropical climates, but are often found in temperate climates. The only inhabited regions of the abovementioned belts where mosquitoes do not live are the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. This is primarily due to the origin of these islands.