Free Mood SVG Files

Mood SVG is a rather long emotional process of low intensity, which forms an emotional background for the ongoing mental processes. Moods SVG are usually distinguished from affects, feelings and emotions.

It can also mean:

An emotional state that causes an object or phenomenon (for example, a picture or a melody). In this case, the mood of this object (the mood of the picture, the mood of the melody) is spoken about.

A system of expectations and aspirations, attitudes, and desires of someone (a social group as a political resource, a person as a work unit, etc.). Synonymous with this meaning is the word “setting”.

Meaning of the Mood SVG

Mood SVG is understood as the emotional process expressing the attitude of a person to his or her life situation in general. Usually mood is characterized by stability and duration in time, as well as low intensity. Otherwise, it may be a symptom of mood disorder.

Specialists distinguish between “mood” and “feeling”, “affect”, “emotion” and “experience”:

Unlike feelings, moods are not object-related: they do not arise in relation to anyone or anything, but in relation to the life situation as a whole. Therefore, unlike feelings, moods cannot be ambivalent.

Unlike affects, moods can have little or no external manifestation, much longer in time and weaker in strength.

Unlike emotions, moods are long-lasting and less intense.

Experiences, on the other hand, are usually understood to be exclusively subjective-psychological aspects of emotional processes, not including physiological components.