Free Montana SVG Files

This is a treasure trove state and its slogan is “the best place”! It’s so immodest, but quite justified. In the 19th century, the first gold was found here, then silver and copper, and now the state has excellent tourism, and everyone who steps on this land, will get precious impressions from the rest.

For fans of ecotourism Montana SVG is a real paradise: rafting, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, acquaintance with the wild nature of national forests.

Montana’s main economic sectors are mining, agriculture and tourism.

It is no coincidence that Montana SVG is called “Treasure State”, the state’s subsoil is extremely rich in minerals. In the plains of eastern Montana coal, oil, natural gas are mined; in the mountains of the western part of the state – gold, silver, copper, lead, tungsten, molybdenum.Montana is the largest U.S. supplier of talcum and the only one – platinum and palladium.

The state has a well-developed oil refining industry, production of timber and wood products.

The largest city of Montana, Billings, is also the economic capital of the state. A number of financial institutions, machine-building and petrochemical plants, construction and many other companies are concentrated here.

In the city of Bozeman, where the University of Montana is located, there are a number of companies, leading the development in the field of high technology. They are engaged in the production of laser equipment, software, and biotechnology. Also in Bozmen is the factory of the famous guitar manufacturer Gibson.

The main crop of Montana SVG is wheat. In addition, barley, beans, potatoes and sugar beet are grown in Montana fields.

Traditionally, the most important branch of agriculture in Montana remains the breeding of cattle for meat. The state is also well developed in dairy farming, where sheep, pigs and even llamas are raised.

The state has a well-developed food industry, including processing of meat, milk, grain, sugar beet. There are many relatively small breweries in Montana.