Free Monogram SVG Files

Monogram SVG is a sign made up of connected, adjacent, or intertwined initial letters of a family name or an abbreviation of an entire name.

Monogram SVG History

Monograms are found on Greek coins, since 350 BC. e. The earliest known monograms on Greek coins, often consist of the first two letters of the name of the city. For example, the monogram on the coins of the ancient city of Achaia consists of letters alpha (Α) and hi (Χ) combined together. Monograms in the first centuries AD were used on medals of the Trajan era – Detiyah, etc.

Monogram SVG in art

Most often, such signs are found on works of art. Many artists, mostly painters and engravers, exhibit them on their works instead of signing them. Sometimes, in order to indicate that the work belongs to him or her, the artist marks it somewhere not in a particularly visible place, with the same figure, for example, with the image of a winged snake (Lucas Cranach the Elder), a carnation flower (Benvenuto Tisy Garofalo), glasses (P. Brill), an insect ichineumon (Chima da Conegliano), an owl (Herry meth de Bles), etc.

Use of Monogram SVG

However, the monogram is also called the outline of any name in abbreviated form. This also includes monograms and stamps, which in the Middle Ages, beginning in the VII century, the popes, kings and important persons bound their letters and which ordered to be cut on their seals, placed on coins, as well as abbreviated inscriptions, which were placed on the icons of some items of church utensils. Since the 16th century, they have been used for trademarks, factories and publishers. Sometimes monograms were used for insignia, in military and court uniforms.

The monograms are widely spread in private life as the owner’s mark on exlibris, jewelry, lingerie, dishes, etc.

Węzeł (Polish: Węzeł – Knot) is the initial letters of the name and surname (sometimes even middle name), which are usually artistically intertwined and form a beautiful pattern.

In fact, the monogram is a complicated monogram with a more intricate interweaving of initials and the addition of various decorations, patterns and ornaments. If the letters belong to one person, the monogram is considered simple, if several – it is complex. It can be decorated with a crown, wreath, etc.