Free Money SVG Files

Money SVG is an equivalent that serves as a measure of the value of any goods and services and can be exchanged directly for them. Money in its form can be a special commodity, a security, a sign of value, a variety of goods or values, and accounts.

Money SVG expresses the value of various goods, as money is easily exchanged for any of them. This monetary valuation makes the heterogeneous goods easily comparable in exchange. According to supporters of labor theory of value, in particular K. Marx, it is not money that makes goods comparable, but on the contrary: it is precisely because all goods are embodied in the embodied human labor and, consequently, are in themselves comparable in the amount of labor consumed (comparing the amount of time spent on labor with the account of the qualification of labor required to reproduce goods). This allows the value of all goods to be measured by the same specific goods, turning the latter into a common measure of value, i.e. money.

Usually Money SVG becomes a commodity with high liquidity (it is easiest to exchange it for another commodity, such as livestock). In addition to the measure of value for other goods, money is a means of circulation, i.e. a commodity that is an intermediary in the exchange process. In addition, the function of money may be performed by various things, other proprietary rights, obligations and mandatory complexes.

In contrast to goods that are no longer in circulation after the exchange, money is always in circulation as a means of circulation, continuously servicing the acts of exchange of goods.

In modern conditions, the role of money is not so much in the form of specific goods (for example, gold or other precious metals, from which investment coins are made), as the obligations of the state or the central bank in the form of banknotes. Such money has no independent value and is only the equivalent of nominal value.