Free Mom SVG Files

A mother (Mom SVG) is a woman parenting her child.

A term for different perceptions in a social, cultural or religious context.

The word “mother”

Sequences of sounds /ma/, /mama/ and the like in many, often completely unrelated languages correspond to the word “mother”. For example:

  • Mom, mommy, mum, mummy, ma, mam, mammy, maa, amaa, mata are English and related languages;
  • māma (妈妈/媽媽) – in Chinese
  • máma is Czech;
  • maman – in French and Persian;
  • maadar – in Dari;
  • mamma – in Italian and Icelandic;
  • mãe in Portuguese;
  • ema – in Estonian
  • má or mẹ in Vietnamese;
  • mam – in Welsh;
  • ama – in Basque;
  • eomma (엄마, IPA: ʌmma) – in Korean;
  • matka – in Polish, Slovak;
  • madre – in Spanish;
  • matrice in Albanian;
  • modor in Old English;
  • mathrin in Old Irish;
  • matr – in Sanskrit;
  • mama – as borrowed from English is used in Japan;
  • (metér, μητήρ) mitéra, μητέρα or mána, μάνα – in Greek;