Free Mole SVG Files

Mole SVG – this is an animal that belongs to the class of mammals, subclass animals, infraclass placental, a squad of lavrazioterii, a squad of insectivorous, shrewd, family mole, or mole (lat. Talpidae).

The name “mole” literally means “digger”. The word has been transformed from a kgmt that originated from the basis of kgm – “dig, dig”. The name of the animal sounds the same in Slavic languages: in Polish – kret, in Bulgarian – Krt, in Slovenian – krt. The German name Schermaus means “digging mouse”.

Moles SVG are mammals of small size. The smallest of them is the Sichuan shrew-croat (lat. Uropsilus soricipes), a representative of the subfamily Uropsilinae. His body length is 6-7 cm, tail length reaches 6.5 cm, and weight does not exceed 10-15 g. The largest mole is the big Mogera (Mogera robusta), which belongs to the Talpinae subfamily. It reaches 21 cm in length and weighs up to 300 g.

All Moles SVG from the subfamily of moles (lat. Talpinae) have characteristic features that allow them to lead an underground lifestyle. Individuals in the Uropsilinae subfamily do not have these features.

The body of Moles SVG from the subfamily Talpinae has a bar-shaped, rounded shape without a pronounced neck. The head of the Mole SVG is small, cone-like narrowed to the nose. Auricles rudimentary in the form of a skin plateau, very rarely they are developed, small, protrude from the hair cover. The mole’s nose, which extends further than the lower lip, is a mobile proboscis. Except for vibrates, long, hard and sensitive hairs, there is no wool on it. The nozzles of the animals are located on the sides or facing forward.