Free Minnesota SVG Files

Minnesota SVG is the land of ten thousand lakes. And this is not a fiction at all, according to official statistics they are almost 12 thousand! Obviously, because of such generosity of nature Minnesota citizens are lucky holders of the title of the most suitable for life state of America. Over the past 10 years, experts have recognized Minnesota 6 times as the healthiest of the 50 states.

Minnesota SVG is famous not only for its amazingly beautiful lakes, but also for its large number of nature reserves. Excellent fishing, hunting, kayaking and canoeing, the best cycling routes in the country, excellent ski slopes attract millions of people from all over the world every year.

The northeast of Minnesota is part of the Lavrentine Upland, the oldest geological formation (more than 2.7 billion years old). The region is characterized by a thin layer of soil, numerous rocky outcrops, thousands of lakes and streams. It is here that the highest point of the state is located – the Eagle Mountain (701 meters above sea level), nature reserves of Voyager’s National Park, National Forest of the Upper Lake, Chippeva National Forest and others.

Almost the entire north of Minnesota is covered by the so-called Laurentian mixed forests. There are pine, spruce, fir, juniper, aspen, oak, birch, mountain ash and maple. Black bears, elks, white deer, lynxes and many other animals live in the forests. Minnesota has the largest wolf population in the United States outside of Alaska.

The northwest of the state is a vast plain that once was the bottom of a melting glacier lake (in general, during the last glaciation, the glaciers covered almost the entire surface of modern Minnesota SVG, except only in the south-east of the state). The west and southwest of Minnesota are prairies covered with grasses and shrubs of the steppe. There are deciduous forests in the southeast of the state.

Minnesota is called the “state of ten thousand lakes”, according to official statistics, almost twelve thousand lakes in the state, the area of which exceeds ten acres (40 000 m2). The largest and deepest of them is, of course, Lake Upper, one of the Great Lakes of North America.

There are about six and a half thousand rivers and streams in the state, in Minnesota there are sources of the largest river in the USA – Mississippi.