Free Minneapolis SVG Files

Minneapolis SVG is Minnesota’s largest city, bordering its capital, St. Paul. Although they are often referred to as twin cities, they have clearly defined boundaries and their own governing bodies. Minneapolis is more modern and concise, with many high-rises and wide streets. In the opinion of the most authoritative edition of business circles – magazine Forbes – the twin of St. Paul is recognized as a city where the most affordable prices for housing and high quality of life are combined.

But tourists are not attracted here by skyscrapers, the center of trade or a high standard of living. The city’s name comes from “minne”, which means “water” in Dakota, and within Minneapolis there are indeed many picturesque lakes with bicycle paths and nature trails, and the city itself is often called “City of Lakes”.

Minneapolis SVG has a special sense of friendliness and lack of snobbery, despite the fact that the city ranks third in the U.S., after Washington and Seattle, in terms of education. Not surprisingly, the city’s attractions are based on museums and theatres – the city’s leisure time is rich and cultural.