Free Miami SVG Files

Sunny Miami SVG is the largest metropolis in the south-east of the United States. It is located in the most populated district of Florida, Miami-Dade, on the Atlantic coast. Numerous beaches, clubs, restaurants, and trendy shops attract partygoers from all over the world. But Miami is not only an ideal city for entertainment, but also the most important financial and economic center of the country. It is here that international banks, large corporations and famous sound and television studios are based. Another interesting feature of the city – the composition of the population: about 70% of the local population – Hispanics.

Tourists come to Miami SVG to relax and unwind on the golden beaches of the Atlantic, dance in nightclubs, surf and wander through fashionable galleries of famous artists and photographers. In the tranquil resort town, where skyscrapers and business centres are adjacent to beach houses and celebrity villas, there is something special for every traveller.

The Miami SVG neighborhoods

The heart of Miami is Downtown, with its endless skyscrapers, banks, business centers, government and educational institutions. There are also numerous museums, theatres, cultural centres, shops and parks. It reminds some of Dubai, others of New York’s eternally rushing Manhattan.

Many of Downtown’s skyscrapers have rooftops with magnificent views of the city.

Downtown’s architecture is not only skyscrapers, but also charming buildings from the 1930s. There are also bridges and canals everywhere with hundreds of luxury yachts and boats sailing daily from the marinas. However, staying in Downtown isn’t very convenient: in the evenings, it’s not crowded and it’s a long way to the beaches.

The Brickell district is another major financial center in the city. Its convenient location and high standard of living make it an ideal place for bankers and top managers to live. After tedious office hours, the wealthy public relaxes in trendy clubs and fashionable restaurants.

The coastal area of Aventura is renowned for its tranquillity and comfort as well as excellent shopping opportunities. To feel like a local millionaire, you just need to play a little golf, rent a yacht or lower a couple of hundred in the casino.

Just south of the airport is the prestigious Coral Gables, a green suburb with Mediterranean Renaissance architecture, manicured lawns, boulevards, parks and fountains. Its main historical landmark is the ancient Biltmore 4* hotel, built in 1926.

Coconut Grove is a picturesque bayside area with a cozy pedestrian centre and a vibrant nightlife. Attractions – Science Museum, Barnacle Park and Villa Vizcaia, surrounded by gardens, built in the style of Italian Renaissance.