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Mermaid SVG is a character of Slavic mythology. One of the most variable images of folk mysticism: the ideas about the mermaid, which exist in the Russian North, in the Volga region, in the Urals, in Western Siberia, differ significantly from those of Western and Southern Russia. It was believed that mermaids were protecting fields, forests and waters.

Mermaid SVG Mythological image

According to the academic dictionary “Slavic antiquities” (L. N. Vinogradov), Mermaid SVG is a harmful spirit that appears in the summer as a long-haired woman in a grain field, in the forest, near the water, able to tickle a man to death or drown in water. The East Slavonic term “mermaid” is connected with the Old Russian name of the pagan spring festival of mermaid.

The Mermaid SVG was a character associated with the cult of plants, fertility, moisture, the spirit of reservoirs, personalized element of nature (water, “green” life).

In Malorossiya and Galicia there were several ideas about mermaids. On one representations mermaids are identified with mavkas, on another – with wild wives, “mamuns” (monkeys) at Poles and “pitchforks” at Serbs and Bulgarians who owned wells and lakes, knew how to “lock” water. Most often it is believed that mermaids are non-christened children, drowned girls, girls who died before marriage, as well as those who were born or died in Trinity week. In western Polesie there is a legend about how the father of the deceased bride-daughter tied her body to a pole and thus “married” her so that she would not become a mermaid.

In some beliefs, the mermaids were attributed the ability to be werewolves. It was believed, for example, that they could take the form of squirrels, rats, frogs, birds (Khark), or appear as a cow, horse, calf, dog, hare and other animals (field). However, in most stories mermaids appear as women or young girls.

Among the population of the Urals there was a perception that mermaids are damned wives and virgins. They live in the flesh, invisible from the people, and will live like this until the coming of Christ. They live under water all the time, in a society of devils.

In Poland, the word mermaid is often used in relation to the dead in general or even to specific dead women in their villages.