Free Meme SVG Files

Meme SVG is a unit of information significant for culture.

Meme SVG is any idea, symbol, manner or way of action, consciously or unconsciously transmitted from person to person by means of speech, writing, video, rituals, gestures, etc. The term “meme” and its understanding were introduced by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976 in the book “The Selfish Gene”. Dawkins proposed the idea that all culturally relevant information consists of basic units – memes – just as biological information consists of genes; and just as genes, memes are subject to natural selection, mutation and artificial selection. On the basis of this idea of Dawkins, the discipline of demetics emerged, which now has a controversial scientific status.

The problem of memes was first described by Richard Dawkins in 1976 in his book “The Selfish Gene”, and then developed in his next book “Expanded Phenotype” in 1982. The term “mem” Dawkins came up with, taking as a basis the Greek word μίμημα – “similarity”.

According to Dawkins, like genes, memes are replicators, i.e. objects that replicate themselves for reproduction. Memes can reproduce by will or against the will of their carrier. For memes, survival depends on the presence of at least one medium, and the success of reproduction depends on the cultural environment and the presence of such a medium, which deliberately tries to spread by Meme SVG. The information content of a particular meme also affects the likelihood from which it will be copied. Memes can be modified, combined and separated to form new memes. They are involved in the struggle with each other for resources (the minds of the host people), and, as a result, are subject to natural selection.

Memes SVG are therefore understood as information whose functioning has behavioral manifestations.

Dawkins proposed a replicator concept in the appendix to sociocultural processes, although biologists Edward Osborne Wilson and Charles Lumsden in the same years proposed a concept of culture agen, which is also based on the analogy between the mechanisms of transmission of genetic and cultural information.

Back in 1898 V.M. Bekhterev wrote in his article “The role of suggestion in public life” about “mental microbes”, which, “like real physical microbes, operate everywhere and everywhere and are transmitted through words and gestures of others, through books, newspapers, etc.”.

Vertical transmission of memes is a person’s receiving of memes “in inheritance” from previous generations – from reputable predecessors, parents or mentors verbally, through books and other artifacts. Horizontal transmission of ideas takes place between people of the same generation who are not connected by a mentor-pupil relationship.

The examples of memes given by Dawkins himself are melodies, stable language expressions, fashion, and arch vaults.

The idea of memes is used by Douglas Rashkoff in his book “Media Virus. How pop culture secretly influences your consciousness. Memes in the book are considered in connection with their ability to spread through the channels of mass communication and the Internet in general, causing socially significant consequences (for example, to influence the election of politicians, change public beliefs, influence the children’s audience, etc.).