Free Medical SVG Files

Medicine SVG (lat. medicina from the combination of ars medicina – “healing art”, “healing art”, and has the same root as the verb medeor, “healing”) – a section of biology, studying the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, ways to preserve and promote health and work capacity of people, life extension, as well as alleviate suffering from physical and mental illness.

If it is necessary to oppose other areas of medicine, such as non-traditional or alternative, folk medicine, the word “medicine” is specified – conventional or conventional, evidence-based, scientific, official, sometimes conventional medicine (conventional – conventional, traditional, conventional).

If alternative methods of medicine are used in conjunction with conventional methods, they are called complementary medicine.

Medicine SVG Symbols

In the modern world, the greatest symbolic meaning for the designation of medicine have four variants.

One of the external symbols of medicine from the end of XX century is the six-pointed “Star of Life”. An older symbol of medicine is the Asclepius stick, which, according to legend, belonged to the great healer. The third popular sign is the red cross and the red crescent; its fame is closely linked to the activities of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The fourth symbol of medicine – a bowl with a snake wrapped around it – is associated with Avicenna, who used the poison of snakes in treatment and the ancient Greek goddess of health Gigiea, depicted with a bowl and a snake.