Free Mask SVG Files

Mask SVG is an object, an overlay on a face that is worn either to conceal a person’s identity or to protect a person’s face. A mask in its shape usually follows the human face and has slots for eyes, mouth and nose.

Masks have been used for ceremonial, aesthetic, and practical purposes. In ancient times, masks were used as protection and defense against evil spirits.

Masks can be made of a variety of materials: wood, metal, plaster, fabric, leather, papier-mache and many others.

Decorative Mask SVG

Decorative masks are mainly designed to decorate the room. As wall ornaments most often are images of divine essences of African or Oriental pantheon. Also it can be images of animals or, less often, heavenly luminaries. If in the West such an ornament performs a purely aesthetic function, in the East and in a number of African countries, decorative masks serve as totemic symbols, repelling evil spirits. The size of decorative masks differ. Sometimes there are products in 1 meter in height. They can be made of wood, bronze, plaster, ceramics, or papier-mache.