Free Map SVG Files

Geographical Map SVG – an image of a model of the earth’s surface in a reduced form, containing a coordinate grid with conventional signs on the plane.

Maps with a common purpose can be combined into an atlas.

General definitions of space (terrain) map:

A map is a scaled-down, generalized image of the Earth’s surface, other celestial body, or extraterrestrial space built in a cartographic projection, showing objects or phenomena located on it in a certain system of conventional signs.

A map is a mathematically defined figurative and sign model of reality.

Map SVG Classification

Geographic maps are classified according to their content, scale and purpose by territorial feature. All maps are subdivided into general geographic and thematic ones by their content.

By territorial scope

  • The world maps;
  • Mainland maps;
  • Country and regional maps

On scale

  • The cards are different:
  • Large-scale (1:10,000 – 1:200,000 and larger)
  • Medium-scale (1:200,000 – 1:1,000,000)
  • Small-scale (shallower than 1:1,000,000)

By usage

  • Scientific-reference – designed to perform scientific research and obtain the most complete information;
  • Cultural-educational – designed to popularize knowledge and ideas;
  • Educational – are used as visual aids for studying geography, history, geology and other disciplines, among them
  • The contour map;
  • Technical – displays the objects and conditions necessary to solve any technical tasks;
  • Tourist – may contain: settlements, landmarks, sightseeing, routes of movement, places of rest, overnight stays and other services, depending on the destination by types of tourism;
  • navigation (road), etc.

By content

  • General geographic (physical) maps – depict all geographical phenomena, including relief, hydrography, vegetation and soil cover, settlements, household facilities, communications, borders, etc. Large-scale geographic maps depicting all objects of the terrain are called topographic, medium-scale general geographic maps – overview and topographic, and small-scale general geographic maps – overview maps.
  • Thematic Map SVG – show the location, relationships and dynamics of natural phenomena, population, economy, social sphere. They can be divided into two groups: maps of natural phenomena and maps of social phenomena.
  • Maps of natural phenomena cover all components of the environment and their combinations. This group includes geological, geophysical, terrain and ocean floor maps, meteorological and climatic, oceanographic, botanical, hydrological, soil maps, mineral maps, physical-geographical landscapes and physical-geographical zoning maps, etc.
  • Socio-political maps include population, economic, political, historical, social-geographical maps, and each of the sub-categories may in turn contain its own structure of division. Thus, economic maps also include industrial (both general and industrial), agricultural, fishing, transport and communication maps.