Free Makeup SVG Files

Make-up SVG – the application of various types of decorative cosmetics on the face for the purpose of decoration, self-expression, as well as camouflage of existing flaws. Make-up is a kind of makeup. Make-up specialist, make-up artist.

Make-up SVG is not only drawing, but also modeling, correction of the shape and color of the face. The use of decorative products is intended to highlight the attractive features of the face. The most important thing is to be able to use these drugs. A good makeup should be gentle and emphasize the subtlety of the makeup itself, it should be natural, almost imperceptible. When applied correctly and eliminated in a timely manner, it does not disrupt the usual skin processes. In the daytime, it acts as a thin protective layer, providing effective protection of the skin from the adverse effects of environmental factors. The decorative products produced by the modern cosmetic industry contain a huge number of ingredients useful for the skin.

Make-up SVG types

Make-up depends on the season, time of day (morning, day, evening), and most importantly – on its purpose, requires full harmony with all appearance, clothing, accessories, jewelry, manicure. Often, daytime (everyday) and evening (gala) makeup is singled out. You can also talk separately about wedding, theatrical, competitive, carnival types of makeup.

Make-up SVG is connected with fashionable art directions – they set the color scale, the shape of eyebrows, lips, eyes. Today makeup is subject to three trends in fashion: classical, romantic and avant-garde. Calmer tones and shades are characteristic of classic and romantic makeup, contrast, pretentiousness and avant-garde colors.

According to the color scheme it is customary to divide makeup into “warm” (predominance of yellow, green, brown and beige shades) and “cold” (pink, gray, blue and violet shades). Tone is mainly determined by the shape of the face, hair color and skin. Also makeup is matched to the color of the eyes and clothes. Since makeup is also part of the expression, it can be more diverse and not fit the environment, be distinctive and play the role of a decorator.