Free Magic SVG Files

Magic SVG (lat. magia from other Greek. μᾰγείᾱ) – symbolic actions (rituals) or inaction, aimed at achieving a certain goal supernatural way.

Magic SVG is based on a system of thinking in which a person turns to secret forces in order to influence events, as well as the real or apparent impact on the state of matter.

Western tradition distinguishes magic from religion or science; however, such differences and even definitions of magic are a broad field of discussion.

Practices considered magical include fortune-telling, astrology, incantation, witchcraft, alchemy, mediumism and necromancy.

The words “magic”, “magic force” are often used in a figurative sense, for example, literary critics like expressions such as “magic of Pushkin’s word” (i.e. “supernatural force” of the word), “power gesture of the magician” (about Andrew White), and in scientific and engineering disciplines there are such concepts as magic number, magic square, etc.

Magical practices and traditions

Magical systems are numerous and varied. Some of them:

Alchemy is a medieval mystical doctrine, which was a precursor of modern scientific chemistry, aimed at finding a “philosopher’s stone”, which was supposed to serve as a miracle-working tool for the transformation of base metals into gold and silver, for the treatment of all diseases.

Voodoo is an ancient syncretic religious system. The Voodoo religion is characterized by countless deities, animal sacrifice and complete mastery of the human soul.

Fortune telling about the future:

Astrology – the possibility of predicting the future on the movement and location of celestial bodies on the celestial sphere and relative to each other.

Manteca – fortune-telling in Ancient Greece and Rome, which were held in order to establish the will of the gods on the basis of omens. The ways of divination in antiquity were manifold – by means of dreams, by the flight of birds, by fire, by the structure of the human body, by the “indications of the deceased”, by the celestial phenomena and the location of the luminaries, by the insides of animals, by the structure of the hand, etc.

Martinism is a form of mystical and esoteric Christianity.

Necromancy is the summoning of the spirits of the dead for various purposes: from spiritual protection to knowledge, including the future. This practice is based on the belief that the dead have special power and can patronize the living.

Spiritualism is the belief in the possibility of direct contact with the souls of the deceased, who may come into contact with the living through special persons – mediums, gifted with special mysterious power;

Ceremonial magic is the expansion of ritual magic, in most cases they are synonymous.

Gaethias are a medieval magical tradition of summoning demons and making talismans.

Yenohian Magic SVG is a system of ceremonial magic based on the summoning and subjugation of various spirits, which is actively used by modern Western magicians.

Teurgy is the “art” of influencing deities, spirits, demons with the help of certain ceremonies. Born within the framework of neoplatonism, developed in Yamwlich;

Shamanism is a complex of people’s ideas about the ways of conscious and purposeful interaction with the other world, first of all – with spirits, which is carried out by a shaman;

New Age (some directions) – different mystical currents and movements, mainly occult, esoteric and syncretic in nature.