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Luck SVG is a positively perceived event resulting from an accidental, unpredictable or disregarded coincidence of circumstances in a person’s life, synonyms: luck, partly: chance, happiness. It may also indicate the desired outcome of an event or activity, especially in situations where it is not (fully) dependent on the actions or decisions of the affected person. Examples of good luck are winning a lottery, roulette or other gambling.

Symbols of Luck SVG

As events which can be characterized as luck for the majority of people are desirable and expected, there are set of the various symbols personifying it. In Western culture, the symbols of good luck coming from superstitions are four-leaf clover, horseshoe, chimney sweep, божья коровка, etc., in Japanese, for example, maneki neko.

Many plants have energy that can affect humans. Four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck, which is a national symbol for the Irish. People think that if you can find such a plant, you can expect positive changes in the future. To turn a clover leaf into a talisman, it must be dried and always carried with you. Magic signs and symbols that bring good luck can be made of gold or other materials.