Free Louisville SVG Files

Louisville SVG is the largest city in the American state of Kentucky. It is considered to be the 17th or 27th most populous in the United States, depending on how it is calculated. The settlement, which later became the city of Louisville, was founded in 1778 by George Rogers Clarke and was named after the French King Louis XVI.

Louisville SVG is located in the heart of northern Kentucky, on the border with Indiana, at the only natural barrier of the Ohio River, the Ohio Falls. Louisville is the center of Jefferson County, and since 2003, after they were merged, the boundaries of the city have coincided with the boundaries of the county. As this area includes some of the South Indiana counties, the Louisville metropolitan area is often referred to as “Kentucchiana”. Despite the fact that Louisville is located at the crossroads of the Midwest and South of the country, the city is considered one of the “southern” cities of the United States. Due to its territorial location, the city is often called either the “northernmost southern city” or the “southernmost northern city” in the United States.

Louisville SVG is famous for “The Two Most Exciting Minutes of Sports” – Kentucky Derby, the most popular race of the American Triple Crown. Famous natives of the city were: writer and journalist, founder of Gonzo journalism Hunter S. Thompson, boxing legend Mohammed Ali, actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Gus Van Sant, long time in Louisville lived inventor Thomas Edison. Some of the events that have taken place in this city: the Edison lamp was shown to the public for the first time, the first library opened to African Americans, the first transplant of a living human hand, the first transplant of a closed artificial heart, and the development of a vaccine against uterine cancer is underway.