Free Lollipop SVG Files

Lollipop SVG is a kind of candy, heavy or solid mass made of candy – cooked to hardness, usually flavoured sugar with molasses or corn syrup. Often fixed on a stick.

Lollipops come in a variety of tastes, colours, shapes and sizes:

lollipops are the most common form of lollipops;

caramel candy in the form of small candy wrapped in a wrapper (“Barbaris”, “Mint”);


pencil candy sticks in the form of long, colored sticks.

As a rule, lollipops have a sweet fruit flavor, but there are also varieties with salty taste. For example, in Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands, there are also licorice flavoured lollipops.

Some lollipops contain stuffing, such as chewing gum or liquid caramel. There are also more exotic fillings, such as bug larvae.

Lollipop SVG Usage

Traditionally, candy is a sweetness, but its popularity and prevalence is used for various purposes: refreshing breath as a form of medicine.

The lollipop resorption process is used as a distraction in a variety of situations, such as anxiety, smoking cessation and similar situations. Candy flavours of menthol and eucalyptus, as well as honey and lemon, are used for various colds.