Free Locusts SVG Files

Locusts SVG are large arthropod insects from the family of real locusts (Latin Acrididae), they are part of the squadron of straight-winged, short-crested insects. In ancient times, it was the main threat to crops of cultivated plants. Description of locusts is found in the Bible, works of ancient Egyptian authors, the Koran and treatises of the Middle Ages.

Locusts SVG are descriptions of insects.

Locust SVG has an elongated body length of 5 to 20 cm with back legs bent in the “knees”, much larger than the middle and front ones. Two hard elytrae cover a pair of translucent wings, which are difficult to see when folded. Sometimes they are covered with various patterns. Locusts have shorter mustache than crickets or grasshoppers. The head is large, with large eyes. The sound of locusts is formed as follows: males have special notches located on the surface of their thighs, and special thickenings on the elytra. When rubbing them against each other, there is a specific chirping with different tonality.

The color of Locusts SVG does not depend on genes, but on the environment. Even individuals from the same offspring who have grown up in different conditions will differ in colour. In addition, the color of the protective cover of the insect depends on the phase of its development. For example, in the single stage of life, a male or female locusts may have a bright green, yellow, gray or brown camouflage color and pronounced sexual differences. When you enter the herd phase, the colouring becomes the same for everyone, and the sexual dimorphism is leveled out. Locusts fly very fast: when flying a flock of locusts in one day, they can travel up to 120 km.