Free Llama SVG Files

Llama SVG is a South American camel mammal, domestication of the Andean Indians. Tamed in the Central Andes. Played an important role in the Inca cattle breeding.

The lama differs from the alpaca in that it is larger and has a longer head.

Unlike camels, Llamas SVG do not have a hump, otherwise they have many common features: canine incisors in the upper part of the jaw, corny pads on the soles of split hooves (as a consequence of similar adaptation to rocky ground), chewing gum, which the animal, if angry, spits.

The height of the adult male in the withers is about 120 centimeters. The neck is quite thin, the head is small, usually high, the ears are high, pointed. Household lamps have rather soft, medium length wool; the suit varies from pure white to black and brown.