Free Lions SVG Files

Of all the wild animals with which a man shares his planet, one huge cat invariably inspired him the greatest respect and conquered his imagination. It’s a Lion SVG, of course.

Since then, when a man began to observe the world around him and think with symbols, he honored the lion and endowed the royal beast with the qualities that he valued most of all in himself – nobility, courage, loyalty, power of an invincible fighter and the splendor of love. The ancient Egyptians made the lion an emblem of divine power and royal dignity. The Assyrians and Greeks saw the goddesses in the Lions SVG. In early Christian art, the lion alternately symbolized St. Mark, St. Jerome and even Christ himself as a “lion from the tribe of Judah”. Later, lions and others decorated the coats of arms of many monarchs and nobles of Europe.

Why did the lion gain his status as lord of the beasts? No doubt, because he really has a royalty. This applies not only to males: after all, the lioness is also the embodiment of flexible beauty. However, the lion, in the prime of his strength, paints us a lion whose incomparable mane, which no other cat, dark gold or black-brown, or any of the intermediate shades – gives him the greatness of a true monarch. And the lion’s voice is no less impressive than his appearance. On a quiet night, a lion’s roar thrills everyone who hears it, even at a distance of eight kilometers. The lion also exhibits many royal virtues in his behavior. He is majestically good-natured and sociable, except when he is protecting his right to be mined or to have a girlfriend.

Lions SVG differ from other cats in that they live and hunt in groups, the so-called Pride marches. The usual Pride includes several lionesses and their calves, two or three young males and necessarily one dominant male. The leader is not always the largest or strongest member of the Pride march, but the rest of the males recognize his primacy, and he in turn tolerates their presence. The number of Pride marches can vary greatly – from four to five members to thirty-five or more.

Among the big cats with a lion only a tiger competes in size. The average adult male is slightly less than three meters long and weighs from 180 to 230 kilograms. Lions are smaller: their average length is about two and a half meters, and their weight is 140 kilograms. Among cats only lions can easily distinguish a male from a female even at a long distance due to its height and lush maneuver. A lion whose flexible body is made up of muscles alone, has incredible physical strength. With one stroke of his paw he is able to knock down a 300-kilogram zebra, and despite his weight, the lions are great jumpers. One eyewitness claimed that a lion had swung through a gorge of eleven metres in width before his eyes. Three meter vertical jumps – on cliffs or fences – are the most common thing for them.