Free Lion SVG Files

The Lion SVG is a mammalian animal of the class, such as chordic, predatory, cat families, panthers, subfamilies of Big cats.

Aborigines living side by side with a lion called a predatory lion a “wild cat”. The lion got its modern name in many languages from the Latin word leo in the 18th century.

Description of the Lion SVG

Of the current wild cats, the lion is second only to a tiger in size. An adult male lion weighs on average up to 250 kg with a body length of 2.5 m. The flexible, mobile body of the lion has an excellent musculature of the neck and forelegs.  The lion’s claws reach 7 cm in length.

A massive lion’s head with an elongated face is endowed with strong jaws. The lion has 30 teeth and canines up to 8 cm. in size, which allow him to successfully hunt large animals such as roe deer, wild boars, zebras and antelopes. The bumpy tongue helps to quickly get rid of blood-sucking insects and take care of the coat.

On the lion’s face there are several rows of whiskers with dark spots at the base, forming a unique pattern for each individual. Newborn lion cubs are spotted like leopards, but the spots disappear at puberty. The lion’s hair color can be sandy, brown or red. The tail ends with a spectacular black brush. Individuals inside the brush have a “spur” – a fused vertebral end.

A peculiar feature of lions is their exceptional sexual dimorphism. Lions of males are much larger than females in size and are endowed with a luxurious mane that appears in the six-months’ Lion SVG. By the age of three, the lion’s pile grows to 35-40 cm. Color, length and splendor depend on genetics, area and amount of testosterone. Old mother lions have the thickest and shagiest mane.

It will seem surprising, but lions are the animals that have the smallest heart among large predators. That is why they do not differ in their stamina, although lions can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h when running for short distances. In natural conditions, lions live 12-15 years, captive life expectancy increases by 5-7 years.