Free Life SVG Files

Life SVG is the main concept of biology – the active form of existence of matter, in some sense higher than its physical and chemical forms of existence; a set of physical and chemical processes taking place in the cell, allowing to carry out metabolism and its division (outside the cell Life SVG does not exist, viruses show the properties of living matter only after the transfer of genetic material into the cell). Adapting to the environment, a living cell forms the whole variety of living organisms. The main attribute of living matter is the genetic information used for replication.

More or less accurately define the concept of “life” can only list the qualities that distinguish it from non-life. At the present moment, there is no consensus on the concept of life, but scientists generally acknowledge that the biological manifestation of life is characterized by: organization (highly ordered structure), metabolism (obtaining energy from the environment and its use to maintain and enhance its orderliness), growth (ability to develop), adaptation (adapted to their environment), reaction to stimuli (active response to the environment), reproduction (all living things multiply), information necessary for each living organism, races We can also say that life is a characteristic of the state of the body.

The word “life” also means the period of existence of a single organism from the moment of its appearance to its death.