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Library SVG is an institution that collects and stores works of press and writing for public use, as well as carrying out reference and bibliographic work. Microfiche fonds, microfilms, slideshows, audio and video tapes are now increasingly distributed and included in the collection libraries, as are electronic media (CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs).

Library SVG Varieties

The purpose of the National Library is to ensure the preservation and accessibility of all printed and related products produced, produced or related to the State in question, which may be in demand by readers. Many countries use the legal deposit system to ensure the completeness of their national library collections. In Russia, the functions of the national library are performed by the Russian State Library (former Lenin) in Moscow and the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg.

Regional libraries serve as branches of the national library, which is especially important for remote regions of the country. In Russia, several regional libraries of the Urals and Siberia play a particularly important role, along with two national libraries with the right to obtain a legal deposit.

Public libraries provide readers with the most useful and popular publications.

Special libraries collect certain types of publications (music, books for the blind, state standards, patents, palm leaf predictions, etc.) or certain topics. The need for special libraries in some cases is due to the special conditions of storage and use of publications, but for the most part it is impossible to concentrate too many publications in one room and to provide jobs in one institution with highly qualified specialists in too different branches of the book industry. In Russia, the All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature has played a particularly important role in recent decades, taking on a number of peripheral functions for the library and thus becoming a major cultural centre.

Libraries for the blind provide access to information for blind and visually impaired readers. These libraries contain books in Braille and audio books on different media. Russia’s largest library for the blind is the Russian State Library for the Blind. In addition to books typed in relief font and audio books, it contains a large collection of relief-volume models that allow the blind to recognize the appearance of various objects.

University, institute and school libraries are mainly aimed at providing students with literature necessary for the educational process and the composition of the collection is close to the special one. The same can be said of departmental libraries. However, unlike special libraries, institutional and departmental libraries are not accessible to the public and serve only the readers of the institution or agency concerned. However, the implementation of this principle depends on the national tradition and specific socio-cultural conditions: for example, in the United States, a number of university libraries provide free access to their collections to all interested parties.