Free Lemur SVG Files

Lemur SVG is an animal that belongs to the class of mammals, subclass animals, infraclass placental, squadron Euarchontoglires, grand squadron Euarchonta, the world squadron of primates, squadron of primates, squadron of wet monkeys, infra squad of lemurs or lemurs.

In ancient Greek mythology, the word Lemur SVG was used to refer to ghosts that wandered at night. Subsequently, the name “lemur” was assigned to animals with big eyes, which caused superstitious horror in the local population of Madagascar.

At present, the infra-strategy of lemurs includes 101 species of animals united in 5 families (according to the database). They share common characteristics, but have individual characteristics that are specific to each species and differ in size, fur colouring, reproductive cycle, habits and lifestyle.

Lemurs SVG are medium primates. The smallest lemur is the dwarf lemur (Microcebus myoxinus), which fits easily in the palm of an adult. Its size is only 18-22 cm long, taking into account the tail (body length without tail – 9-11 cm), and weighs a crumb of about 24-38 grams (according to some sources up to 50 g).

Once upon a time there were huge primates in Madagascar. These extinct lemurs weighed about 200 kg and were larger than male gorillas! To date, the largest lemur in the world is the short-tailed Indri (Babakoto): its body length is 50-70 cm, tail length is 4-5 cm, and body weight of especially large specimens reaches 6-7.5 kg.

Lemurs have a dense, elongated body and a small, rounded or slightly flattened head. Most of the animals have elongated and pointy faces like foxes. It has 4-5 groups of vibrasses that perform the function of touching.

Lemur’s eyes are huge, closely planted and often look like saucers. Their expression is usually a cross between amazement and fright. Night primates have wider eye orbits than daytime ones. Lemur eyes are usually red-orange, yellowish-brown or yellow, although there is also a blue-eyed lemur, the second name of which is Sklater’s black lemur.

Tooth rows of Lemur SVG differ in their characteristic structure: incisors of the upper jaw are very widely arranged, and the lower incisors are noticeably close to the canines and have a significant inclination forward, forming a kind of “tooth comb”.

All lemurs have gravitating extremities, each of which has 5 fingers, and the thumb is opposed to the rest of them. All fingernails grow, except for the second toe, which is equipped with a long claw, which is used for hygienic purposes, for which it was called “toilet”. This feature applies to all lemurs, except the Madagascar pen. Lemurs use sharp nails for hygienic purposes, combing their thick fur. And some species lick and comb wool with their teeth.

Unlike other lemurs, claws grow on the fingers of the Madagascar knuckle, and only the thumbs of the hind limbs have nails.

A remarkable feature of these animals is their luxurious, long and usually fluffy tail, the length of which sometimes equals the size of the body and even exceeds it. Lemur tail plays a significant role in the life of primate: lemurs use it for communicative communication, as well as with its help maintain a balance, jumping from branch to branch, like proteins. And only short-tailed Indri, despite its impressive size, has the smallest tail that grows only to 3-5 cm in length.

Dense lemur wool can have a variety of colors: some species have a patronizing color gray-brown, others have bright black-and-white, red-brown or red fur. The cat’s lemur is especially coloured – its long, curved tail is decorated with wide black and white stripes.