Free Lemon SVG Files

Lemon SVG tree is an evergreen perennial thermophilic plant that does not tolerate low temperatures. It is a hybrid species of plants of the Citrus genus and belongs to the Ruthov family. Initially, lemon tree was grown as an ornamental plant in China.

Lemon SVG tree – description.

The height of the lemon tree can reach three meters. Leaves of the plant are dark green and shiny. The lemon tree flower has white inflorescences, which are placed by the tassels in the sinuses of old leaves or on the tips of old and new shoots.

Flower buds are formed throughout the year, but more so in the spring. After the appearance of the bud lemon tree flower develops another month and only then blossoms. The lemon blossoms for several days. The aroma of the blossoming buds is thin and sweet, slightly resembling the smell of acacia or jasmine. In the event of a sharp drop in room temperature, the lemon tree reacts immediately. This is the reason why lemon trees lose their leaves, buds and flowers. The optimal temperature of the room in which the plant is located is +16 +18 ° C, the humidity should be at least 60%.

The colour range of the lemon pericarp can range from light yellow to red or green. The lemon skin is dense from orange to bright yellow. It contains glands with essential oils that give it a specific aroma. The weight of the fruit is small, averaging 65 grams. Length of lemon is from 6 to 9 centimeters, diameter – from 4 to 6 centimeters. The inner part of the section has several nests with seeds. Fruits of lemon tree can be located both individually and in bunches. They vary in shape depending on the variety or type of hybrid.

Types of Lemon SVG trees.

By the presence of a leafy leaf you can determine that the lemon tree in the pot is hybrid. These include Jubilee lemon, Meyer lemon, Ponderosa lemon. Other species also include Pavlovsky lemon, Novogruzinsky lemon, Genoa, Lisbon, Uralsky lemon, Kursky lemon, Maikopsky lemon, Jubilee lemon, Eureka, Lunario and others.

Some types of homemade lemons have a reddish – lilac color of flowers during flowering. Room or ornamental lemon trees are unpretentious, relatively low and produce well (some up to four times a year). They differ only in fetal taste, plant size and frequency of fruit appearance and maturation. They begin to bloom and bear fruit in their third year of life.