Free Leaf SVG Files

Leaf SVG – in botany the external organ of the plant, the main functions of which are photosynthesis, gas exchange and transpiration. For this purpose, the leaf usually has a lamellar structure to give cells containing specialized pigment chlorophyll in chloroplasts access to sunlight. The leaf is also a respiratory, evaporation and guttation organ of the plant. Leaves can retain water and nutrients, and some plants have other functions.

Leaf SVG anatomy

As a rule, the sheet consists of the following fabrics:

Epidermis is a layer of cells that protect against environmental hazards and excessive water evaporation. Often over the epidermis the sheet is covered with a protective layer of waxy origin (cuticle).

Mesophyll, or parenchyma, is an internal chlorophyll-bearing tissue that performs the main function – photosynthesis.

A network of veins formed by conductive bundles (conductive tissue) consisting of vessels and sieve tubes for the transport of water, dissolved salts, sugars and mechanical elements.

The queen is a special complex of cells located mainly on the lower surface of leaves, through which excess water evaporation (transpiration) and gas exchange takes place.